New animation launched to bring the Right to Food to life

The Scottish Human Rights Commission and Nourish Scotland are today (Friday 22 November) launching a new animation on the Right to Food in Scotland. The 90 second animation explains what the Right to Food means, and what’s needed to make it real for people in Scotland. The animation echoes previous calls made by both organisations to put the Right to Food directly into Scotland’s laws. 

The animation can be viewed at:

Judith Robertson, Chair of the Commission, said:

“Everyone in Scotland has the right to food – this is set out in international human rights laws that Scotland is signed up to. We know there is interest across Scotland about what the right to food means in practice, and how we can make sure it is a reality for everyone. 

“It’s important that everyone has access to information about the right to food - from people affected by food poverty and insecurity, to people working in government and the public sector, or people working in the food industry. We hope this new short animation will add to people’s knowledge and understanding. 

“This kind of awareness-raising is an important part of the Commission’s wider work on advancing economic and social rights, which also includes our ongoing contribution to the Scottish Government’s National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership.”

Pete Ritchie, Executive Director of Nourish Scotland, said:

“In Scotland, in 2019, the right to food is hollow for too many people. Food bank use continues to rise. The Scottish Government’s figures on food insecurity show that worrying about running out of food is now commonplace.

“Scottish Government can take action. It can put the right to food into Scots law. This won't close food banks overnight. But it will set us on a path of joined up policy to make sure that everyone has reliable access to healthy and sustainable food for themselves and their family.

“The Scottish Government has committed to bringing forward a Good Food Nation bill in the next few months - a bill to progress our food system towards a healthier, fairer and more sustainable future. The Good Food Nation bill must have the right to food at its heart. Our food system should be founded on principles of universal access to nutritious food, fair treatment for our farmers and fishers, and care for our animals and environment. We hope this animation will empower people across Scotland to recognise and realise their human right to food." 

Produced by Media Co-op, the animation was developed with input and advice from people who face barriers in accessing their right to food, people involved in producing food, and people involved in community food projects around Scotland.

The animation will be launched on Friday 22 November at the closing session of Nourish Scotland’s Annual Conference. It will also be shared throughout the day on social media using the hashtag #RightToFood.

For more information: contact Emma Hutton 07833 402289 or


Notes to Editor: 

The Scottish Human Rights Commission is an independent public body with a statutory mandate to promote and protect human rights for everyone in Scotland. The Commission is accredited within the United Nations human rights system as an A-Status National Human Rights Institution. See

Nourish Scotland is a food justice organisation that believes a fair, healthy and sustainable food system is possible. See

Both organisations have previously responded to the Scottish Government’s proposals for a Good Food Nation Bill for Scotland. Read the Scottish Human Rights Commission’s submission: