Care About Rights

Care About Rights is a project run by the Commission to help realise the human rights of older people using care and support services. It is a set of training materials and resources designed for older people, carers, care workers, managers, Care Commission Officers, policy makers and commissioners of care.

Care About Rights Logo

Care About Rights explains the benefits of applying human rights principles to everyday situations. The training is designed to increase awareness and knowledge of human rights issues, and give practical advice about how to apply human rights principles in the delivery of care.

The interactive resources help to increase understanding and awareness about:

  • What human rights are and how they are applicable in care settings

  • The relationship between human rights and other legislation and standards

  • How human rights can help to balance risks and rights in decision making

  • How human rights can support the delivery of person centred care

  • How human rights can help resolve conflict and improve communication with people using services, their families and others.

Where after all, do human rights begin? In small places, close to home.

Eleanor Roosevelt