UN side event on Ageing: "Monitoring care of older persons from a human rights perspective"

The European Union Delegation to the United Nations is organising a side event at the 5th Session of the Open Ended Working Group on Ageing in the UN on 31st July.

The event will on be the monitoring care of older persons from a human rights perspective.

As populations world-wide are ageing, the number of those old and very old is increasing, and consequently the demand for care is increasing. It is in the interests of societies and individuals that the care delivered, whether in residential or home settings, is of the highest quality - free from abuse and respecting the individual's dignity, needs and choices. Monitoring of the quality of care can lead to improving the outcomes for the individuals concerned as well as for the delivery of the service.

This session will provide examples of human rights based initiatives of care monitoring from Europe and Asia. In particular, the new EU-funded project on "Human rights of older persons in long-term care", which will be carried out by the European Network of National Human Rights Institutions (ENNHRI) will be presented. The panel will showcase examples of collaboration between the State Parties, Regional Organisations and human rights bodies.

The presentations from the panel will be followed by a discussion, and participation from the floor will be encouraged.

For details about the event and information on speakers see http://eu-un.europa.eu/articles/en/article_15311_en.htm.