UKIM publish their report on Monitoring the Implementation of the UN Disability Convention

The United Kingdom Independent Mechanism has published its report on how well the UN Disability Convention has been implemented in the UK since it was ratified in 2009.

UKIM is made up of the independent Human Rights and Equality Commissions across the UK. These are the Scottish Human Rights Commission, the Northern Ireland Equality Commission, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

This report has been informed by consultation with disabled people's organisations and civil society to ensure that people with direct experience of the issues determine our priorities for monitoring.

We are publishing the report in the hope that people will be able to read it and feedback to us ahead of it being officially sent to the UN Committee under the Convention once they begin their first ever review of the UK's record on the human rights of disabled people. We expect this process will begin in April 2015.

Therefore if you do have any comments or questions and you would like to bring them to the attention to our representative in the UKIM then please contact Cathy Asante on

The United Kingdom's Independent Mechanism's report 'Monitoring the Implementation of the UN Disability Convention' is available in Word format.

Read the report in pdf format.

Read the Easy Read in pdf format.