Statement on Israel and Gaza

The Scottish Human Rights Commission expresses its continued distress at the events unfolding in Gaza and Israel.

As a member of the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), the Commission shares its deep alarm at the violence and civilian death tolls.

The Commission recognises that people in Scotland are deeply affected by the ongoing conflict. We urge those who choose to express their right to freedom of assembly and association to continue to do so peacefully, respecting the rights of all; and we acknowledge Police Scotland’s commitment to upholding human rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly under Articles 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, while keeping people safe.

We join our GANRHI colleagues in NHRIs across the world in calling on “all parties involved to immediately end the violations of international law, to ensure the full protection of all civilians and to respect all principles under international law at all times, including the rules of distinction, precaution, legality, and proportionality.” 

We also support requests for the “unconditional and safe release of all individuals who have been taken hostage by Palestinian armed groups” and for “international protection for all civilians, and immediate and unhindered humanitarian aid to people in Gaza.”

In line with international law, the Commission supports pleas from the United Nations Secretary-General, and UN Special Procedures for an immediate ceasefire to ensure that humanitarian aid reaches all those who desperately need it.