Paper published - The Future of Human Rights in Scotland

The Scottish Human Rights Commission has today published an insight paper examining human rights in the future of Scotland.  

In the paper, The Future of Human Rights in Scotland, the Commission examines actions that could be taken now and in the future to promote and protect human rightsin the context of the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence.

Read the paper in Word format.

Professor Alan Miller, Chair of the Commission, said: “Human rights should be a major part of the national discussion around the future of Scotland in the lead up to the 2014 referendum. I’m pleased that all political parties have now started to take the implications for human rights protection into account as part of the public debate. The paper published today gives an insight into the ways that human rights protection could be strengthened in Scotland now and in the future.

“People in Scotland are entitled to hear from the campaigns as well as all Scottish and UK political parties on how their vision of Scotland’s future brings internationally recognised human rights home to people. This is especially important given the increasing level of vulnerability many people are facing as a result of the global financial crisis. Human rights protect all of us, but especially the most disadvantaged people in our society.