Invitation to Tender: SNAP Participatory Engagement

In the fourth and final year of Scotland's first National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP), we are inviting interested parties to tender for a contract to develop and deliver a nationwide participatory process culminating in a large scale event on or near December 10th 2017 (International Human Rights Day).

SNAP has engaged groups and organisations across Scotland in many different ways to achieve a range of outcomes (see our year 3 Report). One of the main aims of this final year is to ensure the participation of rights holders in the development of work going forward and to ensure that the experience of rights holders and a wider group of stakeholders drives the setting of priorities for future activity.

Download the invitation to tender.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 11am on Tuesday 23rd May.  Applications should be no longer than four pages (12 point, standard space, excluding annexes).

Note: The successful bidder will work closely with our Communications and Participation Managers to ensure inclusive communications ‎for all participants throughout the process. Communications support will be provided where possible to participants who need it. This support is not included in the budget breakdown in this brief, as it will come from a separate budget.

Please send applications to

If you have any questions related to this tender, please contact Emma Hutton or Kirsty Innes on 0131 244 3550 or at /