Inverness to host disability rights event

Inverness has been chosen to host a disability rights event where attendees will be asked for their views on furthering the recommendations from a United Nations (UN) Disability Committee Report. These views, on how the rights of disabled Scots should be protected and enhanced, will form a vital part of the plan to promote and monitor how the recommendations from the UN are being acted on by the Scottish Government.


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) and Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) are running this event in partnership with Inclusion Scotland and People First Scotland. It is taking place on the 6 March and it is the first event on disability rights in Inverness, since the UN Committee launched its report in August 2017. It is hoped people taking part will be contribute to a wide-ranging discussion about the UN Committee’s concerns and recommendations for action.


This information will then be sent direct to the Scottish Government Minister with responsibility for disability, Jeane Freeman MSP, and we will monitor the Scottish Government’s progress on delivering disabled people’s human rights against the expectations of the UN Committee and disabled people in Scotland.


John Wilkes, EHRC Head of Scotland said: “We hope to see as many people at the event as possible to ensure the views of disabled people from Highland are properly represented. We hope that the event will allow us to identify what needs to happen to implement the Committee’s recommendations, when it needs to happen and who should be in charge of taking it forward.’


Judith Robertson, SHRC Chair said: “The event will be an opportunity for people both to hear and to tell us more about how their rights impact on their everyday lives, no matter where in Scotland they live.  We also hope people will feel empowered to be involved in making sure their concerns are acted on now, and every time the UN Committee looks at Scotland’s progress”


Inclusion Scotland Highland Officer John Beaton said, "We are delighted that the EHRC and SHRC are investing in making human rights accessible to disabled people in Highland. That the work of the United Nations continues to resonate from an international to a local level is key to disabled people recognising themselves as rights holders in their own communities."


The event will take place at the Eden Court Theatre in Inverness from 10.15am – 3.30pm.


In the morning there will be a live broadcast to a Question Time Panel discussion taking place at the main conference in Edinburgh. In the afternoon there will be workshops based on the recommendations made by the UN Committee.


Places are limited and people must register if they want to attend. Please contact or call 0141 228 5910 if you want to attend.