Evidence submitted to Scottish Parliament Inquiry into COVID-19 and Human Rights

The Commission has submitted evidence to the Scottish Parliament Equalities and Human Rights Committee Inquiry into COVID-19. 

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The Commission's overarching recommendations are:

1. The Scottish Government must demonstrate how human rights have systematically informed all of its law policy and decision making in response to the pandemic including where relevant through Human Rights Impact Assessment.

2. Human rights must underpin decisions relating to economic recovery in alignment with the National Performance Framework and the Government’s ambition to show human rights leadership in securing rights for all.

3. The work of the National Taskforce for Human Rights Leadership must take account of the lessons learned from the impacts of this pandemic in taking forward its work. The new human rights framework must be regarded as central in a direct response to the experience of the pandemic and informing plans for recovery.

4. The specific rights of women, disabled people, older people, children and black and minority ethnic people must be further protected and implemented alongside economic, social, cultural and environmental rights in responding to the experience of this pandemic.

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