Cyber kiosks: Commission will examine Police Scotland legal opinion

Commenting on developments this week in relation to Police Scotland's use of mobile phone browsing technology - so-called 'cyber kiosks' -  Judith Roberston, Chair of the Commission said:

"We note this week's publication of Police Scotland's legal advice on cyber kiosks. The Commission remains concerned to ensure that any use of this practice complies fully with human rights laws and standards. This kind of mobile phone browsing technology has the potential to be highly intrusive of people's right to privacy, which is protected by Article 8 of the Human Rights Act.

"We will be giving full consideration to Police Scotland's legal opinion in the coming weeks to examine if, and to what extent, it addresses our concerns about the human rights implications of this practice.  We will share our detailed analysis with the Scottish Parliament's Justice Committee, and with Police Scotland directly as a member of their Stakeholder Reference Group on this issue."

The Commission welcomed Police Scotland's decision not to proceed with rolling out cyber kiosks in January. You can also read the Commission's full evidence on cyber kiosks to the Justice Sub-Committee on Policing in 2018.