Commission reports to Council of Europe on European Social Charter

The Scottish Human Rights Commission has submitted a report to the Council of Europe on the UK’s National Report on the Implementation of the European Social Charter.

You can read the full submission here (PDF).

This extensive report provides a detailed analysis of key human rights issues in relation to health, social care and social welfare policy in Scotland.  

The Commission makes over 60 recommendations to the European Committee of Social Rights at the Council of Europe. Thirty five recommendations relate to Health and Social Care and a further 33 recommendations address the COVID-19 recovery in Scotland.

Notes to editors:

  1. The report is also published on the Council of Europe website: United Kingdom (
  1. This report draws from the Commission’s evidence base which was created as part of a three year research project culminating in the publication of “Getting it Right: Human Rights in Scotland” in 2012 and led to the development of Scotland’s first National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP).
  1. This database has been further developed and updated through: a national participatory process to develop Scotland’s second National Action Plan (SNAP 2) in 2017/18; Commission contribution to the Scottish Supplementary Report to the SDG Voluntary National Review Process in 2019; as well as our reports to other UN Treaty Bodies submitted during the reporting period.
  1. This report also draws on evidence from our Lived Experience Leadership Group; the Commission’s recent monitoring report focused on COVID-19, Social Care and Human Rights and our series of COVID-19 focused publications.