People with dementia and their carers have the same human rights as everyone. However, they often face cultural, social and economic barriers to fulfilling these. Increasingly, a human rights based approach is being adopted within care services for people with dementia in Scotland.

In 2009 the Cross-Party Group on Alzheimer’s at the Scottish Parliament considered how to ensure that the rights of people with dementia and their carers are fully recognised at all levels of government, and by individuals and non-governmental organisations. The Group produced a Charter of Rights which aims to empower people with dementia, those who support them and the community as a whole, to ensure their rights are respected. 

The Charter of Rights emphasises:


Everyone has the right to participate in decisions which affect their human rights.


Of those responsible for the respect, protection and fulfilment of human rights to non-discrimination and equality.


People should be supported to know their rights and how to claim them.


Decisions should be made through an explicit link with human rights legal standards.

Case Study: Dementia Carer Voices

Projects and Resources

Care About Rights

Training and awareness raising resources about human rights in older people's care and support.

SNAP for Health and Social Care

SNAP is Scotland's National Action Plan for Human Rights. Work on health and social care is taking place to help people understand their human rights, and increase the ability and accountability of those who have duties to respect, protect and fulfil rights.