Poverty is a human rights issue. It represents a failure to fulfil the right to an adequate standard of living that is established in international human rights law.

Other rights, like the right to education, health and adequate housing, are also affected by poverty.

Alleviating poverty is not a matter of charity or political aspiration. It is a matter of implementing international human rights laws that set a standard of living below which no person should fall, and which are binding on the Scottish Government, Scottish Parliament and Scottish public authorities.

The Commission promotes respect for economic, social and cultural rights as a way of tackling poverty in Scotland.

In 2014, the Commission held an Innovation Forum on Tackling Poverty Through Human Rights. Watch a short film giving the highlights of the day or read the written report of the day, or a full transcript of all speeches and discussions.

In 2015, the Commission hosted a national conference on Putting the Justice into Social Justice. Read the papers, speeches and social media content from the day.

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