Human Rights Budget Work

The public budget is the principal economic policy document of any government. Applying a human rights framework to the budget would add value to efforts to realise social justice in Scotland. Read a background briefing paper on human rights budgeting and budget analysis.

Since the Commission's EU funded project into human rights budgeting in 2018, a programme of ongoing work has been developed to better understand and support wider scrutiny of public spending decisions through a human rights lens. 

This work includes:

  • Chairing the Human Rights Budgeting Working Group which drives and supports the Commission's human rights budget work programme
  • Participation as a permanent member of the Equality Budget Advisory Group
  • Development of three process indicators to support scrutiny of national and local council budget processes
  • Supporting further capacity building on human rights budget scrutiny through a What? Why? How? Human Rights Budget Scrutiny event on 15 March 2019
  • Participation at the CIFPA Public Finance Live Scotland 2019 Annual Conference
  • Development of the How? What? Why? Dissemination series due for publication in summer 2019
  • Forthcoming publication in CIFPA International in July 2019
  • Collaborative PhD (with Dr Katie Boyle of Stirling University and Dr. Jo Ferrie of Glasgow University) on Minimum Core Obligations: using a sociology of human rights to examine the potential for human rights budgeting in Scotland

More Information

Scottish Parliament Budget Explorer Tool 

Further Reading and Useful Links

2018 Masterclass Presentation Slides

To find out more or discuss any aspect of this work, contact our Research Officer, Dr Alison Hosie.  

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