What is SNAP?

Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights (SNAP) is a roadmap for the realisation of all internationally recognised human rights. It is based on evidence and broad participation. It has been developed by a Drafting Group from across the public and voluntary sectors and overseen by an Advisory Council whose members reflect the diversity of Scottish civic life.

Our vision is of a Scotland in which everyone is able to live with human dignity. SNAP will coordinate action by a wide range of public bodies and voluntary organisations towards achieving this vision. It is not a traditional action plan but a transformative programme of action including agreed outcomes, priorities and a process for working together from 2013 – 2017 to progressively realise the potential of human rights in all areas of life.

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People understand human rights and organisations are enabled and accountable.

Scotland improves lives by effectively tackling injustice and exclusion.

Scotland gives effect to its international obligations at home and internationally.